What To Look For When Buying Underwear

When buying underwear online, it's easy to forget about the fit and design of your men’s boxers until it's time to drop your dacks. So, put your crunchy and hole-ridden pairs aside — whether you’re looking to overhaul your top drawer essentials or give your jewels and peach the treatment they deserve, our men’s underwear guide will give you the rundown on what makes a great pair of boxers to show off your best asset.

Choose your style of jocks

Whether you enjoy the free-hanging feel of a boxer, the lifted support of briefs or a men’s boxer brief for something in between — ask any guy and you’ll find polarising preferences that determine the experience and the support you’ll get with each wear.

Traditional boxers are a great option if you’re willing to pass up extra support for their plush feel that comfortably hangs off your waist but can leave you with a wedgie after riding up or getting caught in the fly of your pant’s zipper. While they’re a stylish option for every body type, their relaxed fabrication offers a flattering fit for our big-boned guys that doesn’t accentuate a beer belly.

If you’re looking for more support to keep your boys sitting in place without getting caught between your legs on days on the go, briefs may be the best man for the job. If you’re a fan of tighty whities, their short cut will elongate your legs and give you figure-framing wear.

With the best of both worlds, boxer briefs are a popular favourite in any guide to men’s underwear. Featuring a relaxed fit that conforms to the shape of your body, it gives you a free rein of movement without feeling like you have to make adjustments down under through the day. Whether you fall on the slim side or have a bigger frame, they will give you easy wear to help you look good where it counts.

Consider adding a touch of humor to your collection with our selection of funny boxers for a lighthearted and comfortable twist to your underwear drawer.

Be discerning with your fabric choice

From hitting the gym to long days at work and heading out with your mates, your boxer’s fabrication makes all the difference in determining whether you’re riding through the day cool and dry or a sweaty mess — luckily, our men’s underwear guide and Swag have you covered.

  • Cotton — One of the most heavily utilised fabrics, cotton is beloved for its soft feel, breathability and moisture-wicking properties to pull sweat from the body. While it’s a great all-purpose fabric, it is susceptible to shrinkage and colour fading in the wash.
  • Wool — Incredibly soft against the most sensitive skin, wool men’s boxers offer superb temperature regulation and breathability and help repel odours. They’re a fantastic option, but often, they’re blended with synthetic materials to prevent shrinkage — plus, they can be costly to buy.
  • Bamboo — A highly sustainable fabric, bamboo is highly breathable and four times more absorbent than cotton to keep your bits and bottom cool and dry.
  • Micropolyester — A high-performance fabric that will envelop you in comfort, micropolyester delivers a silky soft feel that is gentle on sensitive skin and helps reduce friction when you’re on the run. Highly durable and resilient, it keeps your boxers looking and fitting the same as the day you bought them so you can enjoy longer-lasting wear.

Size does matter

When stripping off, our guide to men’s underwear won’t hide that your men’s boxer’s fit can leave you with a confidence-boosting sense of polish or look a little immature in front of a date or your mates in the locker room. Too loose and it will fall off your waist, leaving you a little exposed or too tight, and you can start repping the Michelin man where the waistband uncomfortably digs into your skin, creating an extra roll of fat where there was none.

When you’re ready to buy underwear online, remember that your men’s boxers should fit snugly around your waist and upper thighs with room for your crotch to breathe. Undies that are too tight can lead to excess sweating, rashes and general irritation that’s uncomfortable to move around in and a lame reason to cancel a Tinder date.

At Swag, you’ll find a unique contour pouch and a wide range of sizes to fit every body type from small to XXL, so you can enjoy effortless and comfy wear where your precious goods stay cool, dry and in place — you don’t have to make unnecessary adjustments in front of dates — no matter where your day takes you. 

Stake your claim to style

Whether you’re looking to wear something whimsical just for yourself, add a little personality under a drab suit or put your best asset forward when it’s time to get your kit off, buying underwear online that matches your style and personality will give you the best confidence boost.

Explore the complete collection of boxers at Swag and discover Australia and New Zealand’s largest range of officially licensed designs inspired by your favourite TV shows, movies, retro cartoons and many others that tickle your fancy. From enjoying a frothy beer with a big head with the Duffman from The Simpsons to a repeated print of thick and firm pickles from Rick and Morty, we carry an expansive selection of styles to help you express your individuality.

Discover our men’s underwear guide and find easy-to-wear men’s boxers at Swag

Perfectly tailored and designed to show you off at your best, our collection of men’s underwear will keep you feeling cool and fresh every moment of the day. For styles that leave you at your most confident, discover our complete collection of men’s boxers to envelop yourself in soft-to-the-touch fabrications that help you hang free and supported. Interested in the history of boxers? Discover the evolution of this classic men's undergarment while enjoying the ultimate in style and comfort. If you need help choosing between our various designs or size ranges, don’t hesitate to reach out — we’re always happy to help.

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