What Makes a Great Pair of Boxers?

You’re an adult now. That means you have to replace your boxers from time to time. What, no one told you? They don’t just magically appear in your drawer on their own. When you’ve worn your old boxers until they’re full of holes, it’s your job to go out and buy some new ones.

But wait! Hold up a sec. Don’t just rush out and put your hard earned cash down on some of the cheapest bulk-buy boxers you can find. We’re talking about a piece of clothing that you’re going to wear all day every day. They’ve gotta be comfortable and breathable and stylish. Actually, there’s a fair bit that goes into a great pair of boxers, and we’re going to teach you how to pick out a few pairs that won’t ride up into places where they don’t belong.

What makes a great pair of boxers - points of interest

It’s All About the Overall Fit

There’s no two ways around it. The best boxers are the ones that feel just right when you’re wearing them. And that comes down to a heap of different things. The shape of your body, the size of your legs, your personal style and what you get up to during the day all have an impact.

So, if you’re a park ranger who spends all day running up and down hiking trails, you might want boxers that are a little longer in the leg. On the other hand, if you work from your lounge at home, you might want something that controls heat better. Because no one wants to spend all day feeling like they’re sitting in a sauna. Or maybe you do. Whatever floats your boat.

The History of Boxers, released in the early twentieth century, were designed to provide freedom of movement and a comfortable fit, which contributed to their appeal as a daily item.

The best thing you can do is try out a few different styles and see what works. Boxer briefs in the classic 6 inch leg are a good place to start, but every brand shapes theirs a little differently, so don’t just settle for the first ones you try on.

Get the Waist Just Right

Not all waistbands are created equal. Some are narrow, some are wide, some are loose… and some cut off the blood flow to your legs for some reason?

What’s that? You want blood to flow to your legs? Yeah, so do we

When you’re picking a new pair of boxers, pay extra attention to the waistband. You want something that’s about 4 centimeters wide. Too narrow and it will dig into your skin. Too wide and it’ll feel like you’ve been squeezed into a cardboard tube. And while you’re checking out the waistband, have a look at the material. It needs to be soft and pliable. Taut elastic has lots of spring to it, but it also tends to be uncomfortable when you’re wearing it. Pick a waistband material that flexes properly and feels smooth to the touch. Satin is always a good choice.

Keeping the Boys Cool

You run around at work all day, hit the gym on the way home and then have to stand in front of the hot stove and make dinner. It’s no wonder things can get hot under the… err… “collar.”

And it’s not just your forehead that’s working up a sweat. Temperature control is a big deal in the world of boxers. Keeping your boys cool isn’t just about comfort, it’s also good for your health. So, when you pick your next pair of boxers, spare a glance for the material they’re made of. Pick something with good airflow and moisture-wicking properties. The most breathable fabrics tend to be cotton and cotton blends, so keep your eyes peeled!

Show Off Your Flair

It’s not all about physical comfort. Your boxers should also provide the emotional support you need to make it through the day.

Besides, your undies can make a real statement on anyone who’s lucky enough to see them, and you don’t want to be caught wearing boxers that are faded and full of holes. So pick boxers that you like the look of! Got a favourite colour? A favourite brand? A favourite licensed character? Might as well get boxers to match! You can find boxers with pretty much any design these days, from The Simpsons to your favourite cereals and everything in between. That means it’s easier than ever to get your legs into some fun boxers that will impress anyone in your audience!

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