Stranger Things Volume 2 Theories

Stranger Things has always been one of those shows that takes people by surprise. Even now you can convince a reluctant friend to give it a go and they’ll quickly turn into another rabid fan. The show is just that good. Like, it’s actually a little bit unbelievable that a show about a bunch of middle school kids could be so well crafted, written and assembled. And yet, here we are, playing the Volume 2 trailer on repeat, trying to catch a glimpse of what everyone’s doing and how things are going to turn out for the sweeping cast of Stranger Things.

Fair warning that there will be spoilers for Volume 1 in this article. So if you haven’t watched it yet then maybe you should stop reading here. Or don’t. You’re in charge of your own life.

Okay. We’ve got a lot to cover and not a lot of time to do it in, so get ready for all our Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 theories!

Someone's Going to Die (And It's Probably Steve)

The cast and crew of Stranger Things has been doing heaps of press interviews teasing the fact that “no one is safe” this season. And you know, Stranger Things is coming to an end soon, so the core cast are fair game. There are plenty of theories floating around about who exactly is going to get the short shrift, but our money is on Steve Harrington and his magnificent hair (he uses the Farrah Fawcett spray).

Yeah yeah we hear you - killing off Steve would be a crime of international proportions. But think about it. The trailer for volume 2 is jam packed full of hints, like Dustin screaming at something happening off screen and Robin telling Steve “It might not work out for us this time.” And let’s not forget, Steve is the first one to throw himself into danger to protect the kids. Last time we saw him he was being chewed on by demobats and bleeding pretty badly, so it’s not much of a stretch to imagine him making the ultimate sacrifice to put Vecna down.

Time Travel Shenanigans are Afoot

It might have been easy to write off as a minor detail, but season 4 revealed that the Upside Down is stuck in time (back in 1983, for those who are counting) on the same day that El opened the gate and Will originally went missing. That means the gang are effectively travelling back and forth through time when they jump between worlds.

If you add to that all the clocks and time motifs that have been pasted all over season 4, it’s not a leap to think that time travel will play a role in how the Hawkins Squad resolves their little Mind Flayer/Vecna problem. Will they travel back in time to defeat One before he becomes Vecna? Will they undo all the evil shenanigans that went on at the Lab? We’re not sure, but we’d bet that time travel will be the key to shutting the door on the Upside Down, at least for now.

It's Eddie's Time to Shine

Where do we even begin with Eddie? Lovably goofy and nerdy and ready to help his friends, Eddie quickly stole the show and introduced some new blood that the cast sorely needed.

And yeah he might not be the best fighter, and the Eddie/Dustin bromance will never beat the Steve/Dustin bromance, but we love him all the same. Unfortunately for Eddie, Stranger Things has a habit of killing off fan favourites (anyone remember Barbara? What about Bob the Brain? Even Billy got a chance to redeem himself in death). Well… yeah… we think Eddie might be headed down that same path. The trailer shows him absolutely SHREDDING a guitar solo in the Upside Down, and our guess is that he’s going all out to make sure the others can pay Vecna a friendly visit. RIP Eddie. We hope you survive to lead your party to victory against Vecna.

This Will be El's Hardest Battle Yet

Poor El. The little telekinetic girl from back in season 1 might have grown up, but she still gets all the worst assignments in Stranger Things. After volunteering to be tortured in the hopes of recovering her powers, we’re expecting her to reuinte with Mike, Will, Jonathan and Argyle to escape the NINA lab (and take some names while she’s at it). But that’s not the real challenge - taking down Vecna will be the hardest thing she’s ever done.

El and Vecna are a pair of bookends. They’re two sides of the same coin. They’re mirror images. Vecna/One is everything that Eleven could turn out to be if she’s not careful, and he knows every trick to getting inside her head. After all, his entire thing is preying on people who are struggling, and El is definitely having a hard time of it lately. Sooner or later El is going to make it into Vecna’s Red Dimension and she’s going to have to take on someone just as powerful as she is, and she’ll have to pull out all the stops if she expects to win.

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