The Best Board Games for Board Game Night

We get it. You hit a certain age and suddenly it’s more appealing to spend the weekend inside drinking red wine and discussing mortgages than it is to go out to the pub for a feed and a brew. That’s okay. It’s a natural part of ageing and you shouldn’t be ashamed.

But if you’d like to spice up your next dinner party then it’s time to bust out the board games. Yeah those things you loved as a kid? Somehow they’re even more fun as an adult when you actually understand how the game is supposed to work. So whether you’re planning a boozer, a polite dinner party or something in between, we’ve got some recs on the best board games to dust off!

The Game of Life

It's a game that contains all of life. From being a young, carefree kid to an adult with a job as a… rockstar? Okay, if you drew the Rockstar card as your career then you’re in for a good Game of Life. Actually, this game was definitely stacked against anyone who didn’t draw a high paying career… but we digress. So you take your Rockstar card and you dominate the game, having half a dozen children before retiring rich and happy at Millionaire Estates. Just don’t meet the eyes of your friends or they might lunge across the board and try to take your Life tiles.

Even if you don’t manage to draw the Rockstar card, the Game of Life is still pretty fun. Seriously, it’s impossible to go past that great little spinny thing. At least, we always thought it was more fun than just rolling dice. And the clicky noises are suuuuper satisfying. Spice up your board game night with our collection of games socks, adding a touch of fun and whimsy to your attire.


Buzz buzz, your hand eye coordination isn’t what it used to be, and somehow Operation is way harder now. Or maybe that’s because you’re three beers deep and trying to perform complex open-heart surgery on Cavity Sam while bopping along to the music. If you really want to turn board game night into an event then Operation is the perfect candidate for a drinking game organised as a tournament. Set off the buzzer? Take a drink. Match winners face off until one of you is crowned the best surgeon to have ever lived!


There’s nothing better than spending your weekends tangled up with the people you love. We are, of course, talking about playing Twister. Nothing else. Get your mind out of the gutter.

The classic board game for those suspiciously-flexible yoga-lovers, Twister combines all the physical prowess of an Olympic sport with the strategic mastery of a chess championship. Or, you know, just spin the needle and hope that your leg bends far enough to get your left foot onto a red circle. Just remember to play with caution. You’re almost 30 and your body doesn’t move like it used to. Do some warm ups beforehand to avoid cramps and sprains that could cost you the game.


Let’s end on a high note with the real OG board game.

Do you run the risk of breaking up your friend groups or alienating your closest family members? Sure. But, on the other hand, Monopoly is pretty fun, so it’s obviously worth the risk. Besides, Monopoly has been around since the 1930s and it hasn’t caused any serious wars yet, so you and your buddies can probably survive a few rounds of capitalism’s favourite pastime! If you’re feeling brave you could even invest in one of the modern versions of the game. If you don’t stroll down the board game aisle very much then you might not know this, but Monopoly comes in about a billion different flavours now. From beer lovers to fans of The Simpsons and everything in between, you can pick up a Monopoly set that’s themed to match. And for added fun, consider enhancing your game nights with some fantastic board game accessories to elevate the experience!

Win Best Dressed at Board Game Night With Swag Boxers and Soxers!

Board games are tough, we get it. Especially when you’re a few drinks deep trying to control your competitive streak so your girlfriend won’t dump you over a game of Monopoly. The good news is that even if you lose the Operation tournament, you can still win Best Dressed with help from Swag Boxers! We’ve got heaps of men's underwear Australia and New Zealand wide as well as socks to spice up your board game night. You can even treat yourself to the perfect men gift pack featuring matching sets. Our soxers are built tough enough to withstand any game of Twister, and our boxers feature a micropolyster blend that will keep you cool under the toughest pressures. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next board game night with our themed mens socks and underwear!

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