Summer Nostalgia: Favourite Aussie Icecreams

Remember those days where the sun was beaming, the water was splashing and air conditioning was something that only shopping centres had, not every household. The need to cool down meant you and your friends ran down to the local corner store and buy some of the most iconic ice cream bars that Australia had to offer; Golden Gaytime, Bubble-O-Bill and of course, a Paddle Pop.

Golden Gaytime

Golden Gaytime

Nothing screams Aussie Aussie Aussie more than a Golden Gaytime. The toffee and vanilla ice cream immediately takes you back to those days hanging with friends trying to figure out what trouble you will get into next. Add the choc coating and those crunchy biscuits on the outside and you can almost guarantee that somewhere, Spice Girls ‘Wannabe’ will be playing over the top of ‘Clueless’.


Bubble o Bill

How cool were Bubble-O-Bills back in the day (well, they still are)? An ice cream that had all of the classic flavours (chocolate, strawberry and caramel) all in one in the shape of a classic cowboy. If that wasn’t enough, the massive bubblegum nose made sure that the fun didn’t stop once you finished the stick. Walking down the street blowing a big ol’ bubble, you knew you were the cool kid in town.

Paddle Pop

Rainbow Paddle Pop

If you grew up without trying a Paddle Pop, you are flat out lying. The fact that not only were they delicious (again, still are), but add to that they are generally pretty cheap means that they were a staple for anyone who had to scrap a few coins together to buy any ice cream because they spent their allowance playing Street Fighter on the local arcade machine. The other beautiful thing about Paddle Pops was that they came in an array of flavours; chocolate, banana, rainbow and who can forget the ever-popular caramel choc-dip. There really was a flavour for everyone.

Celebrate Nostalgia With Swag Boxers

At SWAG Boxers, we love nostalgia, if you couldn’t already tell. So to commemorate the nostalgia you feel when you bite into one of these Aussie classics, we have created some feel-good soxers to make sure that your Paddle Pops are not the only thing that sparks up a conversation.

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