Shirts To Match Your Favourite Boxers & Socks

While curating a collection of tees you can throw on for a day out is easy, creating a streamlined outfit of matching pieces requires a bit of finesse to pull off a look for weekend coffee runs or maintaining your confidence for when it's time to drop your dacks after a successful date night!

For all the ins and outs of pairing your shirts to match your favourite boxers and socks including the history of boxers, read our style guide to keep yourself on the best-dressed and undressed list.

Don’t be afraid to break out of your comfort zone

Tired of being confined to a palette of neutral colours? Guys have more choices than colour-blocked separates. With a vivid and expansive collection of graphic t-shirts available at Swag, you can raise the fashion flag and add a stylish statement piece with any of our men’s t-shirts. From prints emblazoned with images of cult favourite TV characters to whimsical twists on classic logos, our t-shirts make it easy to upgrade a simple top and bottom combo to a pivotal look your mates and dates will remember.

Gone are the days of matching your socks to the binary colour of your pants. Opting for socks high in colour and embellished with vibrant prints gives you a striking way to include your personality in your outfits. With each step taken revealing a few inches of your socks that contrast against neutral-hued shorts and pants, you can create a high-impact finish that will help make your style your very own without overloading your look with over-the-top accents.

The same goes for boxers — while you’re in the office in a suit, it doesn’t mean you have to dress in greyscale, either. With socks that give a dash of colour and boxers hiding a cheeky print underneath your clothes, you can fly under the radar as the style assassin.

Team up with characters from the same universe

With a massive array of characters and personalities to choose from, it’s easy to get a little carried away. Sticking to characters from the same show or universe will help tie your outfit together and show you have extra attention to detail — we all know that crossover episodes never work — The Simpsons meets Family Guy, am I right or am I right!?

When combining characters from the same show across your outfit, all pieces don’t need to carry the same illustration. Mixing motifs like a more visual representation across your men’s t-shirt and selecting a logo print across your boxers and socks will keep your look interesting without being overly literal.

Don’t forget some fashion rules are made to be broken. Try carefully mixing fandoms and create an us vs. them scenario by teaming a hero on your t-shirt with a wicked but naughty villain on your boxers. Or try a DC Comics-themed tee against Marvel-branded boxers and socks — the styling opportunities are endless. Elevate your superhero style with our collection of DC Comics boxers for a bold and adventurous fashion statement.

Build a colour story

Your choice of colour can make a huge difference in tying your t-shirt, boxers and socks together. Try to stick to the same colour family by choosing various shades, i.e. light and dark blues or opt for all warm (red, yellow and orange) or cold (green, blue, purple) colour palettes.

While green and gold work for Olympians (hello, Aussie swimmers), if you’re selecting an outfit of contrasting colours, choose complementary tones or shades that sit opposite on the colour wheel for a bigger and bolder finish.

Swag — your destination for easy-to-wear and style t-shirts, boxers and socks

With Swag’s vibrant collection of designs combining your favourite TV characters, movie personalities and pop culture figures, you’ll never be let down by drab separates and neutral-coloured clothes again.

Explore our range and find a t-shirt that displays your favourite fandom, boxers that show off and support your family jewels and socks that add that extra oomph to make your outfit a complete look — we have everything you need to refresh and upgrade your outfit rotation. 

Whether you fancy yourself as debonair as batman, like to roll with Rick and Morty, or if Spongebob is your man, shop the whole range online and get free delivery on all online orders over $60.

For more information about our fits, review our size guide, or if you need help picking between designs, don’t hesitate to contact us — our team is happy to help.

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