7 Fun Facts about Men’s Underwear

Fact 1: First men’s underwear

A lot can be said about the origins of men’s underwear, or in some cases the lack of underwear if we consider our sea-faring pirate friends. These buccaneers, with their eye patches and peg legs, were not exactly the poster children for modesty. In fact, many of our sea-faring comrades opted for a commando approach beneath their rugged attire.

If we look back beyond the Middle Ages, however, the loincloth takes centre stage. Loincloths have ancient origins and were worn by many early civilizations. They were often made from natural materials such as animal hides, woven grass, or fabric. Different cultures had their own variations of the loincloth. In ancient Egypt, for example, both men and women wore loincloths. In ancient Greece, a similar garment known as a "subligaculum" was worn by athletes and soldiers.

Fact 2: The thong’s invention

The thong, with its audacious design, played a crucial role in challenging traditional notions of modesty and redefining cultural perceptions of what is considered sexy. It became a symbol of empowerment, allowing individuals to embrace their bodies with confidence and assert their right to express their sensuality.

When was the thong underwear invented? In 1974, Rudi Gernreich introduced the thong bikini, forever altering the landscape of swimwear. The design featured minimal fabric, with a narrow strip of cloth running between the buttocks, leaving the rest of the derriere exposed. This daring departure from traditional swimwear marked a significant moment in fashion history, reflecting the spirit of liberation and sexual revolution prevalent during that era.

Fact 3: “Sagging” Underwear

Ah, the sagging pants phenomenon, the rebellious anthem of the late 20th century. Picture this: baggy pants hanging low, revealing a snippet of colourful underwear. It was like a secret fashion code, a bold statement challenging the status quo. The trend sparked debates about fashion, identity, and, well, practicality. Who knew letting your pants hang a bit could cause such a stir?

One theory suggests that the sagging pants style originated in American prisons, where inmates were provided with ill-fitting clothing, often lacking belts. As a result, the sagging look became synonymous with incarceration, signifying a rebellious streak against authority and mainstream norms.

As hip-hop culture gained prominence, it became a powerful force shaping urban fashion. Influential artists and musicians donned the sagging pants style in their music videos and public appearances, catapulting the trend into popular consciousness.

Fact 4: Disposable Paper Underwear for Travelers

Did you know that during the mid 50’s they had an unusual idea for disposable underwear? In an era where everything seemed disposable, someone had the brilliant idea of creating disposable paper briefs for travellers. Imagine strutting through the airport, discarding your skivvies like a rockstar shedding a guitar pick. Convenience at its peak!

Fact 5: Fabric matters

From classic cotton underwear to futuristic moisture-wicking wonders, the fabric matters. It's not just about looks, it's about how your boys feel throughout the day. Breathability, stretch, and support, these are the unsung virtues that make or break your underwear game.

But cotton fabrics are not the only option. Micro-polyester is celebrated for its incredibly soft texture. The fine fibres create a smooth and plush feel against the skin, providing a level of comfort that's akin to a gentle caress. The lightweight nature of micro-polyester adds to the overall comfort, making it a fantastic choice for those who prioritise a barely-there feel in their undergarments. Along with the elastic waistband it ensures that you'll be comfortable all day long.

Fact 6: The Commando Conundrum

To go commando or not to go commando? The choice has roots that stretch back to combat troops operating for weeks or months in the jungle. Imagine soldiers navigating dense foliage, battling humidity and limited supplies. Cleaning skivvies or carrying extra pairs in backpacks? Not practical. Hence, many opted to ditch their undies altogether, embracing the freedom of going commando.

But going commando isn't without its risks. While it feels liberating, the dreaded zipper incident is a real concern. Let's just say some lessons are learned the hard way, usually with a wince and a vow to never repeat that mistake. Safety first, gentlemen!

Fact 7: The Rise of Designer Drawers

Ah, the evolution of men's underpants has taken a delightfully whimsical turn with the rise of designer drawers featuring fun prints inspired by TV & film, and even food! Who says underwear has to be boring?

Whether you're a movie buff, a comic book fanatic, or a foodie at heart, there's a pair of designer drawers waiting to spice up your wardrobe. Feeling cheeky? Opt for funny boxers that bring a smile to your face (and maybe to someone else's, if they catch a glimpse).

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From uncovering the origins of the term commando to exploring the paper underwear, there’s more to male underwear than meets the eye. From worn loincloths to the G String (or nothing at all), when it comes to underwear today, there is a range of options for both men's and women's undergarments.

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